Mike Holl
 The best physical and mental personal improvement product on the market. Thanks for sending me another case on what I considered the best physical and mental personal improvement product on the market. 
Wendy B.
 Relief from the constant pain from fibromyalgia, bipolar depression and severe anxiety disorder. A friend called me up about a month ago who recently had a neck operation. She told be about Olive gold 03™ and how it really relieved her severe neck pain. I had a bottle in the house I bought about a year ago but never really followed through with the protocol. Sometimes I buy things and forget about them. Since I’m in constant pain from fibromyalgia, bipolar depression and severe anxiety disorder. I thought, well I’ll try anything to feel better. Believe me I’ve tried everything and some things help but I’m allergic to 90% of healing herbs, most medications and most foods. I started taking the Olive Gold 03™ for the sciatica pain. I put it all along my leg and woke up pain free. I thought, well maybe I was meant to get better now. Started thinking what if I took this internally for the depression and anxiety. (As I said I take no medication am allergic to all of the psychotropic drugs too, tried them all.) All I know it’s 3 weeks later and I don’t have any depression and barely any anxiety, which I can control. I even have a feeling I have not had hardly at all in four years, a feeling of great peace, contentment and joy. Something I missed so dearly in life. Also my body is hardly hurting at all!! I’m so grateful for Olive Gold 03™, it changed my life and I just expect my life to get better and better. I know I will never be without Olive Gold 03™ for the rest of my life. 
Dr. Leonard Haimes M.D.
 Overwhelming advancement in comprehensive health and well being. Our clinic will administer, in practical terms, what works for the patient! Treatments are by a variety of mainstream and alternative approaches. Homeopathy, Nutrition, Colon, Chelating and Ozone Therapy are some of our cutting edge modalities. Continually, Olive Gold 03™ has done wonders in pre, post and during treatment. Patients get more immediate results and report overwhelming advancement in their comprehensive heath and well being by using 0G03™! Across the board, OG03™ is a favorite of ours! 
 This Product Is Amazing! I was in a motorcycle accident. I hit the pavement face first. My face had so many open wounds. My friend brought me her olivegold03 my face was cleared up in 5 days. This product is amazing. I ordered a bottle for my Uncle who was having rashes on his head and face. his was also cleared up fast. Great Product. Miracle product.  
Dr. Dennis Medsker
 Top NASCAR drivers have increased their performance overall by 4% using Olive Gold 03™. My wife Bekki and I are health practitioners for those in NASCAR, Motor Cross and Super Cross. We professionally train young race drivers. After a variety of tests, we have determined: Top drivers have increased their performance overall by 4% using Olive Gold 03™. The driver’s vision, endurance, energy and stamina has improved dramatically. Back, neck and shoulder aches and pains associated with the intense stress of racing have diminished! 
 I had the most amazing experience with the Olive Gold 03. I'm saying that because, 10 years ago I had a kidney stone on Christmas day. It came on so strong I was in total shock and could hardly breathe. I was taken to the hospital and after hours and hours of not passing it they sent me home. I finally passed it 24 hours later. I tell you this because I have a friend who is a Doctor and did a Bio Feedback test that tested my body for a minimum of nine thousand different ailments. She told me that I need to watch out for kidney stones. I told her that I had one 10 years ago. Well low and behold , two weeks later I have a kidney stone. I new just from previous experience. So I instantly ran to my daughter to take me to the hospital, and then I thought"they won't be able to do anything for me"!! I had family in town that weekend and so you can imagine the chaos. I quickly said "GET THE OLIVE GOLD"!! My step mom rubbed constantly on the kidney that was having the pain and I kid you not, I passed my kidney stone in 30 min. I was freaking out. I felt it go right down my urinary track and boom it was gone. I have had incredible results with this amazing product on numerous occasions, but this was by far was the ultimate occasion. For anyone who has experienced a kidney stone, you know what I'm talking about. For anyone who has them regularly get your Olive Gold and never leave home without it. I have a bottle with me at all times. Philip I have other amazing stories to share with you. My son and his sunburn that he went to the emergency room for. My mom how violently ill she became after eating something and her recovery. I still haven't received my shipment, I'm in dire need.  
Jane C.
 6 year old autistic twins, getting better emotionally. I am so grateful to have met you and your Olive Gold 03™. My kids are incredible and I am so lucky to have them recover. They’re 6 year old twins, we and they are getting better emotionally due to the healing. I work with Anju Usman MD., who treats kids on the Autistic spectrum from all over the world. After seeing the results of our kids, she bought a bottle for personal issues. 
 I was afraid to use anything for my acne, nothing helped. I have used the majority of products For my Acne, but nothing helped and some made it worse! I was afraid to use anything. After 2 weeks using Olive Gold 03™. WOW! My Acne is so much better and my Bad Skin is clearing up! My Skin became Softer and Healthier for Sure! 
55 year old male
 Liver spots the size of a quarter were gone after 1 week! I had difficulty breathing with chest and lung pain. I take 2 drops of Olive Gold 03™ in the A.M. In addition, I applied OG03™ to my face, underarms, heart, back of neck, temples and scrotum after showering. After applying OG03™. I breath easier and my pain had dissipated. My liver spots the size of a quarter were gone after 1 week! 
 “I never experienced such fast healing and disappearance of skin blemishes as with Olive Gold 03™” I had sores on my legs and hands, due to mosquito bites. I never experienced such fast healing and disappearance of skin blemishes as with Olive Gold 03™. In addition I had leg encrusted sores and pain. In less than 2 days, the encrusted sores were gone and no mark left on the skin. Pain was alleviated and I felt a boost of energy after rubbing on 0G03™. 
Desmond B.
 Took care of pain in circulation in my foot. I’m on the road to recovery after having 2 toes amputated on my left foot. I have used Olive Gold 03™ which took care of the pain and circulation in my foot. I just started walking again. 
Dr Thomas Kleinman
 I tried product after product, nothing helped my Psoriasis. I was diagnosed 1 year ago with Psoriasis. I did not want to use the new biologic drugs by injection, because of their side effects. I tried product after product but nothing helped my Psoriasis until I came across Olive Gold 03™. It has been 1 month since I started using OG03™ and some of the smaller lesions are gone. The larger lesions are improving and I expect full resolution. Thank You OG03™! -Dr Thomas Kleinman, D.C. Atlas Chiropractic, Palm City. FL 
J.L., 47 yrs.
 It was like someone turned on the light switch. I had Psoriasis everywhere, 90% of my body, arms, legs, back end hands. After applying and taking Olive Gold 03™ and having a healing crisis for a couple of days, my skin cleared up, 90% comparatively speaking. I had great energy when not consuming grains, sugar, yeast, and alcohol. It was like someone turned on the light switch. I can walk again without pain. I could barely get around and work was excruciating because of Psoriasis. 
Printer, 60yrs, Male
 My cholesterol is back to normal. I have been going to the VA Hospital. Got a VA physical last week and it was the best physical in my life. My cholesterol is back to Normal. I have lots of energy. My stress was reduced and I lost 10 pounds. I changed nothing, except taking Olive Gold 03™ externally and 3-4 drops in water A.M/P.M. 
Mary F.
 Unbelievably, we can see the very tiny wrinkles disappearing! I would love to tell anyone about Olive Gold 03™. I have had a very bad hip and Sciatica for years. In talking with Philip. I decided to try a bottle. Within a few minutes the pain stopped in the hip and I could actually walk without pain. I could not believe that this was real. Yet OG03™ did it and I’m amazed and thankful for this amazing product. I also use Olive Gold 03™ on my face for wrinkles. Unbelievably, we can see the very tiny wrinkles disappearing. I don’t know how I lived without 0G03™ in my life, but now that I have found it and I will never be without it!!! 
 My migraine headache went away. After using Olive Gold 03™ for 2 days, my migraine headache went away! have been using 0G03™ for one month now and haven’t had a headache of any kind. It’s Terrific! 
Amy S.
 Nasty growth on Greyhoud dog, fell off in 3 days. We applied Olive Gold 03™ on a Greyhound dog that had a nasty growth. It fell off in 3 days completely! Thank you OG03™! 
Barry B.
 OG03™ seems to break the stress, tension and pain syndrome. Olive Gold 03™ is a beautiful product! As an LMT, I do Neuromuscular Therapy and other forms of soft tissue body work. I apply 20 specific techniques in approaching problems of pain. This releases muscle spasms. OG03™ seems to break the stress, tension and pain syndrome. I have used many different products, but I personally use OG03™ daily, for general maintenance. 
Kimberly D.
 My family uses OG03™ and loves it! I was in a car wreck and one of my injuries was losing circulation to my thumb and toe. Olive Gold 03™ is working for me. My face is clear and my lines are lightening. My scars are 96% gone and my left toe is almost completely healed! My therapists are delighted with their work and OG03™. I can make a fist with my right hand, and CAN FEEL IT. I haven’t been able to that for a year. My grip is almost all the way back to normal. My family uses OG03™ and loves it. 
Sie S.
 My best friends keep looking at me wondering if I have had anything done! The most noticeable benefit of using Olive Gold 03™, is my complexion. I’ve used various skin care products. Now, having used OG03™, my skin is more moisturized and noticeably less fine lines and wrinkles. OG03™ is great as a makeup base and remover too! My best friends keep looking at me wondering if I have had anything done! 
Erica R.
 Any irritation due to razor burn was quickly gone. Olive Gold 03™ made my hair look shinier. I have a healthier looking complexion. Any irritation due to razor burn was quickly gone. I put OG03™ on my neck and shoulders after a long day at work to help me relax! This is an awesome product. 
Jocelyn Majid
 This is my 3rd day of use and I love the product. I noticed my frown lines are not as noticeable. The other night I had a pain at the back of my neck I rubbed a little of the Olive Gold 3 and after like a few minutes I felt better. I also put this on my son's face and he's 4 yrs old. I want to make sure he grows up to have good skin. I still have to work on my Hubby because he has dark spots especially when he goes under the sun. This is my share of the Product. I will purchase a case to sell to friends and family. Btw, I wear this under my make up. Thanks for this great product. 
A.C. Gray
 Over a period of 4 years I had dental surgery to clean out osteonecrotic lesions in three molar areas. In each instance, within 60 days, an abscess developed adjacent to the rectum which resulted in minor lancing/drainage surgery. After the last surgery the wound didn't completely drain leaving a small hard knot that uncomfortably itched. I started applying one or two drops of Olive Gold two times a day and, within 4 or 5 days, the cyst knot opened and completely drained as I applied the product for the next 10 days. The knot and discomfort have disappeared. I was impressed with the results. 
 For the last year I have been nursing a lesion on my left ankle. For a whole year. It was a large, deep, cavernous ulcer that at times would be locked in it's unhealthy state. Some times, I would get some healing but it was slow and agonizing. In just a few days Phil, the ulcer is reduced to a flat healing sore that is about a fourth of the size that it was only days ago. The oil helped to break the stagnant state of the same kind of ulcer that I have on my forehead as well. I have had this hideous sore for six months and ones like it in the same area for a year and a half. Only a picture could do justice to it's description. The red patches on my chin and arms are still there but they are improving as are the sores on my arm, torso and legs. It matters a great deal to me to completely heal but I can tell you (and this is no exaggeration whatsoever) that I have used about one hundred different products over the last year and a half and only two others helped me all....but they do not compare to the help the Olive Gold 03 has provided already and I am so grateful for how much healing I've achieved so far. I think I told you that at one time I had thirteen open lesions on my face. I believe strongly that all of the experiences in our lives can teach us something valuable. I'm not sure I would have made it this far without this strong belief. This experience taught me a great deal. I would never want to return to that state but I can tell you that I am a wiser soul for having experienced it. One cannot know the agony of that situation without experiencing it and one of my two jobs, both of which I have been able to maintain this whole time, is on camera. I missed some days to be sure but I believe now, that I will have the chance to continue more successfully. Perhaps you can understand why I find myself thinking about distributing your product. I find myself visualizing my own Website to offer it to others and to show them as well... and I can do that with pictures of my healing, before and after.(and during) I told Rosie tonight that I was thinking about distributing the Olive Gold product if that were possible and I did so based on the fact that it was something she had said to me when she first put it on me ...when I remarked to her about the structure of my sores ; the structure of my skin having changed due to the oil. I don't want to step on any toes and certainly wouldn't want to offend Rosie. I hope that hasn't happened by my enthusiasm and remarks about wanting to find out about distributing the product. If this is the case , I certainly can understand that and won't pursue it further but I have a feeling that I could help more people find out about it if I am able to handle the expectations of distributing it . I know that I am not the only one suffering with what I have endured ....I know that there are many others who would find this product of such value . Anyway...above and beyond all else......my heartfelt thanks. Pardon my description but none else would be true, I have been to hell.... and with the help of this olive oxygen oil I'm now on my way back. 
Ellen Tarone
 I have been a big fan of Olive Gold for many years and I just became an even bigger one! Last week I was attacked by mosquitos, I had 13 bites and was miserable… itching like CRAZY with big red marks head to toe! I took a hot shower, put Olive Gold and they completely disappeared within 3 hours! I couldn’t believe it! 
Hannah B.
 I recently had open heart surgery i had a valve replacement and because of my teeth problems i needed to see a dentist as soon as possible! The dentist prescribed me hydrocodone which caused me to relapse back into my addiction of pain killers..i eventually went to detox and treatment in Melbourne fl because this addiction was taking my life! I heard of olive gold 03 and contacted the company to see if they could help. I was in so much pain and agony! I began using olive gold 03 and the pain started to go away but i had to go back to the dentist to have some teeth worked on because i got an infection and abscess in my mouth which was very life threatening. The dentist was associated with the treatment center and they knew not to give me pain killers! What was i going to do for the pain! I continued using olive gold immediately after the work was done on my cheek and where the extractions were done and to my amazement i felt absolutely no pain afterwards! This changed the perspective on my life totally! Something all natural and organic can do wonders. Monday i had 2 wisdom teeth taken out and through all of this dentist work i was pain free and had no problems sleeping! By Wednesday i was completely back to normal and continue the use of olive gold 03 every so often through out my day! 

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