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What is it?

What is Olive Gold 03®?
Olive Gold 03® is a perfect proprietary blend of SUPER OXYGEN, in an all-natural organic olive oil base, with super-charged vitamins (A, B’s, C, D, & E), 72 minerals, alpha-lipoic acid, and exotic botanical essence. Olive Gold 03® is inherently hypoallergenic. Nothing harmful to humans or animals can live in it. Contains no: corn, sugar, soy, starch, wheat, yeast, preservatives, synthetics, or GMO derived sources known.

1982 was the beginning of the Ozone/Oxygen Revolution in Modern Times! There were these wonderful, unselfish, altruistic people who contributed to the betterment of life:

It all started when Mr. Lee DeVries (Scientist) and Dr. Migdalia Arnon MD (Pathologist) asked me to film live Cancer Cells through a microscope! Then these great altruistic Health Practitioners decided to work with us: Dr. Robert Mayer, MD (Pediatrician), Dr. Ray Evers, MD (Father of Chelation Therapy), Dr. Robert Atkins, MD (Cardiologist), Dr. Horst Kiev, MD (Head of the AIDS Department, Germany) Mr. Lucas Boeve (Engineer/Inventor) and from the best selling book, “Flood Your Body With Oxygen,” by Ed McCabe, “The Original Ozone Cowboy,” Phil Seifer, (Filmmaker, one of the Founders of “Medizone International”), (the first modern US Ozone Medical Equipment Co.) publicly traded.

Which received patent #4,632,980 Dec. 30, 1986, to decontaminate blood/products with Ozone. HIV-1 was inactivated 100% by this patented process. Since then, many other health issues, such as Hepatitis B&C, Ebola, Herpes, Cytomegalovirus, Ebola, and a number of other Viral & Bacterial inactivation, have been proven effective by the use of Ozone. In addition, eventually contributed to Pet Health Care and Dentistry. Last but not least, “Inventor of Olive Gold 03.”

Ozone/Oxygen (03/02) are the most important elements known to humans and animals. Its benefits are LIFE-GIVING!

According to many scientists, there’s about half the Oxygen content in the air we breathe today. Pollutants everywhere! Whether in cities or in rural areas, there are Chemtrails, Pesticides, Artificial ingredients, GMO Microwaves, Synthetic Hormones, Radiation, EMF, etc.

When we don’t get enough Oxygen in the air, less than 7-8%, we would be able to live only a few moments. Our brain needs 20% of the body's Oxygen. The various Toxins and Poisons that rob us of our Oxygen are causing disease and even death.

Arthur C. Guyton, MD, in his book, “The text book of Medical Physiology,” states: “All chronic pain, suffering, and disease, is caused by lack of Oxygen at the cell level!” “Virtually all heart attacks come down to a failure, in delivering Oxygen to the hard-working heart muscle.”

Philip Slavish, MD, proclaims, “Oxygen deficiency is linked to increased disease.”

Dr. Harry Goldblatt, in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, wrote, “Lack of Oxygen clearly plays a major role in causing cells to become Cancerous.”

For further information and scientific studies, please go to our FAQS section ... The information of OLIVE GOLD 03 (OG3, DGO3) herewith is not intended to Present a cure, Treat, Diagnose, Prevent or Give Medical Advice. Any Claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). If Pregnant or under Doctor´s Care, Consult with Your Physician.

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