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Frequently Asked Questions

It is impossible to be allergic to oxygen/ozone. Ozone is an energized form of oxygen. Ozone is naturally formed by the sun and lightning in storms. Without the ozone layer high in the atmosphere, life could not exist on our planet. Ozone actually filters out the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and, in addition, makes for that beautiful blue color in the sky.

The scientific literature is vast in support of the effectiveness and safety of oxygen/ozone therapy. Recently, the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) reviewed and accepted Oxygen/Ozone in Dentistry as scientifically valid.

Oxygen/Ozone, when introduced into the living system, creates what is called a “transient oxidative burst.” Pathogenic “biofilms” and microorganisms have no natural defense against this reaction and, as a result, are overstressed and die. Surrounding healthy tissue is unaffected, and there are no toxic side effects. This “oxidative burst” also induces a multitude of natural biochemical and physiologic reactions, including better blood flow, enhanced immune response, and more rapid healing response.

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